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Our company, the Agro-Alfa Plus Ltd. was founded in 1994 and it deals with the trading of feed raw materials. Our main activity is providing our clients with raw materials and other additives imported from Europe.  Following the changes in market demands we’re constantly updating our product-range. We distribute high-quality products from reliable partners throughout Europe.  With our suppliers we have established a stable partnership for ages and this is what quarantees that our costumers always get the best quality products
Besides the above mentioned import activity we maintain export business relationship with the neighbouring countries – Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Ukraine – and with the Far-East.Our wide experience and diverisfied connections enables to seek products that help our costumers to esatblish  more efficient management and production. We aim to supply our costumers with products of the best price. We organise our transports with flexibility, adapting to our clients’ needs.
In our clientel one can find the small farmer as well as the biggest feedmill companies.
We try to give our costumers professional support for the usage of our products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


Our product range

  • Proteins from animal source - We gan supply fishmeals of various quality and origin (danish, spanish, polish) We’re the exclusive distributors of the most experienced producer of blood-products. With these products one can produce feeds matching the highest quality standards. Besides the above mentioned products,  other conventional  hidrolised. animal protein sources can be found in our product range
  • Vegetable protein sources - First of all these are products with high protein level and excellent protein digestibility. They are produced using special procedures such as fermentation, enzym-treating etc.  We distribute potato-protein and different kinds of soy proteins from the danish company,  AGRO KORN
  • MIPROT 70 - vegetable protein concentrate
  • We have a wide product range in calf milk-repleacers, concnetrates for piglets and poultry
  • Sweet whey powders
  • Feed yeasts - We’re in a contact with german and polish producers,
  • Feed additives - Antioxidants, acidulants and other additives
  • Feed fats

We delive our products with the necessary quality and safety documents.


Our main goal is to establish a long term relationship with our costumers that is based on mutual satisfaction and confidence.